Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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Descret powers of Illuminati symbols:

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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Descrete Power of Illuminati Symbolism

Symbols have never outlived their age since times immemorial and their discrete power is something which the world’s filthiest and secret society uses to control minds as it secretly seeks to transcend established laws and governments. Do you want to find out how? Well, around the world, many people are aware of the fact that there is a secret organization whose activities are best described as filthy. Illuminati is perhaps the largest secret organization in the world today and while many are yet to come to terms with the biting reality that a New World Order is secretly being introduced by this cult or society, those who have embraced the truth have made positive steps to inform others of what could mark the start of yet another dark age in the near future.  Many theories have been postulated to create an illusion of a world under one government and in which illuminati ideals form the fundamental principles of governance, application of laws and administration of punishment on those who shall break its laws. In the public domain, the little that is known of Illuminati brings to the fore some commonalities. These include the fact that Illuminati seeks to control the world by instilling fear and meting death on those perceived to be opposed to the ideals it seeks to propagate. It is all but aimed at subjugating the world.
Well, to give you an in depth understanding of how Illuminati operate, this book exemplifies the following:
  • The mysterious circumstances under which illuminati was founded but with a symbolic perspective of the plot that led to its formation
  • The symbols  that define Illuminati and with a special emphasis on those whose meanings as well as how they affect you could have remained elusive to your understanding in the years gone by and how they are likely to affect your life today and in future.
  • The founding families of Illuminati-An in depth analysis of what you should know regarding just how well Illuminati is connected and from which people, organization and foundations it draws its funding.
  • A new perspective of the New World Order-A symbolic/artificial world created by symbols
  • Why Illuminati prefer the media as tools for executing it evil plan and among many other things you are definitely not aware of.